[CR]Simplex Plastic vs Carbon

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Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 04:22:50 EST
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Subject: [CR]Simplex Plastic vs Carbon

I was interested to read Jerry's thoughts on how when Simplex introduced plastic components, they were considered "cutting edge" but when they became wide spread we saw through to some of their weakness'. (that is not to say they did not have advantages too) Such as a short life. This was exacerbated by lower quality produced products flooding in to the market.

I wonder if in 10 years time we will look back at the current wide spread use of carbon and see it in this way?

I just built up some new frames for the team that I ride with to use. These were the first one piece carbon fork/steerers that I have fitted. I never usually weight bike components, as I view life as being too short already, but I was tempted to weight the forks. 365 grams with a full length un cut steerer tube. Then I read the headset / fork fitting instructions. At the end it added the foot note "replace fork after three years". The carbon seat pin came with the same limited life. I am glad I never bought them!

I suppose I could try and make a living in a few years time by selling scores of replacement forks to riders who are becoming sick of buying new forks, but I know I would have to supply a new frame too.

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