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Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 11:19:24 EST
Subject: More devicesRe: [CR]Inclinometer...was ebay outing

Schubert and I have pondered these items for years. I had an original air speedo made of polyethylene (or whatever that tupperware-like -soft plastric stuff is called in the 50's but it went only to 50mph, and I knew my '61 Varsity could peg it, especially goping 55 mph into a headwind. I knew I could do that easily, and more if i weren't in a long climb. Mel Pinto offered a slope indicator. I also have air-assist shifters somewhere, and that bell that's powered off the tire. I picked up a gear tel at the swap meetr and then there were the original STI's, that hooket to drop bar brake levers and swiveled to control shifting.

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Larry Black Mt Airy, Md.


I have another esoteric "cycling device" that many have probably never seen. It's an air speed indicator! I have two of them, they were made in San Diego a while back. For some reason, they never caught on. Imagine that.

The thing clips on your handlebars and has an opening in the front that funnels air past a needle that moves to indicate air speed. So what would you want such a thing for?? Well, if you have a computer on your bike then you could read your speed and compare it to the air speed and determine the amount of headwind or tailwind. Marvelous? But the main selling point was that you could use it to find the best draft behind the rider in front of you. OK, whatever. I really get a kick out of these things; I like to stick them on a track bike so people will ask what the hell it is. It's an air speed indicator, dummy! How do you live without one??

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA
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