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Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 11:53:37 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Mounting tubulars

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<< This is just the sort of thing a video could pass on. If I was down in the SoCal area we could start today. I think this is a good project for the CR group. There are many areas where knowledge transfer between the generations has broken down. In my own field-recording engineering-the problem is acute. Whole areas are dying with this-my-generation and we are working on ways to preserve them. >>

Phil and All,

Once upon a time, books served this purpose quite nicely. No one seems to have time to read anymore, but always enough time to watch a video!! Is this a by product of the sound bite generation?

I learned how to mount tubulars (30+ years ago) by reading the instructions which were included with the Vittorias I bought to replace the worn-out Clements which came on my PX-10. I read, I tried, I experimented, I got sticky, I learned.........I think this approach would still work, but it is nice to have someone show you how to do something (as I have done for some people with mounting tubulars - in some cases for bike shop owners!!!). Patience is certainly a key.

I don't think even Hollywood is ready for Baylis!!


Chuck Brooks
Malta, NY