[CR]tires vs. tyres, fixed vs. fizzle - a unifying note

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Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 16:33:48 -0500
From: "Ben Kamen" <dupe@mac.com>
To: Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]tires vs. tyres, fixed vs. fizzle - a unifying note

hey cool cats,

seeing things are going nowhere fast on recent threads .. i love this list ;-)

... i thought to bring us all on the same page. my beef (or high protein soy) is with sellers on ebay with terrible spelling. now before you all spill out the doors at mention of yet another inane ebay thread this one is a little different and not as circuitously divisive as of late posts here.

im no wordsworth by any means but i giggle fazizzle at how many times i see campagnol-A instead of campagnolo and "breaks" instead of brakes. i find especially the 1st a strange one as most sellers should know better or is there something im missing (steady on lads ...). anyway a good example is a DeRosa auction linked below that has plenty material for scratching our heads over (in unison).

http://ebay.com/<blah> eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=7298&item=3663103512


ben kamen, NYC