[CR]Bicycle Specialties in Toronto

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From: "dbrk" <dbrk@mail.rochester.edu>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 15:20:49 -0500
Subject: [CR]Bicycle Specialties in Toronto

Two weeks back I once again visited Bicycle Specialties in Toronto, Mike Barry's truly wondrous shop. I picked up the refurbished Rene Herse Federal complete with a new as-good-as-Herse-himself front carrier (directly taken from the design of these bikes, Mike has several) and all put together constructeur-style, perfect, just perfect. This frame had been salvaged from a curb in Arizona, brought to SF, sold eventually to me in truly horrid condition but no dents or damage, just truly beyond leaving well enough alone. It was refurbish and repaint or watch her die a painful, rusty death. Mike Barry has forgotten more about these bikes than I could ever learn and he did a magnificent job with the restoration. It is "Herse bleu" once again with a box gold stripe and proper Herse markings. The mudguards are Honjo hammered but the rest is more or less period correct and NOS where possible. I could not be happier. If you care to peak, I've posted some pictures here: http://www.serotta.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1062

I may be mistaken but if it true that our esteemed Mr Baylis is going to rename his concern something like 'Vintage Bicycle Specialties' then I would find that most unfortunate. There is, after all, already one 'Bicycle Specialties' producing modern classics and doing restorations and the like in North America---and it's been around now more than 30 years. I think another name might be more fitting, but that's just my opinion and it is said with all proper deference to and admiration for Mr Baylis.

Douglas Brooks
Bristol, New York