Re: [CR]The ol' Broom stick in seat tube trick

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From: "Charlie Young" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]The ol' Broom stick in seat tube trick
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 11:29:17 -0500

I'd start with a bellhanger's drill (long) and drill through the center. Then I'd get a long bolt, fit a molly-type expanding anchor small enough to fit through the hole, tighten it and commence pulling it out. Using a screw or lag bolt, even with a pilot hole, is likely to increase the compression of the wood against the tube walls.

I can't wait for all of the shade tree mechanics' innovative suggestions on this one.

Charlie Young May just use a broomstick on my PX10 for lack of a 26.2 post. Would that be OK if I use a french broom? 26.4, 26.6, 26.8 I have... Honeybrook, PA
> Hey,
> Traded this guy for his beater Gitane Supercourse. He
> stuck a broom stick in the seat tube because he didn't
> have the right size seat post which would tighten
> correctly. So it's wegded in and pretty far down. Any
> tips on getting it out. I'm thinking if I had a long
> screw or something... like taking a cork out of a
> bottle...
> george elanjian (los angeles)