Re:[CR]email problems??????

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Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 15:27:58 EST
Subject: Re:[CR]email problems??????


My e-mails to you are bouncing, with the message "mailbox has exceeded current quota" or something to that effect ( = mailbox full, maybe?)

Please contact me.

Greg Parker Ann Arbor, Michigan

(with apologies to list)

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> Subject: [CR]email problems??????
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> Hi All!
> We've been having problems with a contacting a few list members, we are
> receiving emails and we are replying.
> But it seems as like our emails are not being received at the other end. At
> the same time it's very hard to catch
> us at home for we have been working and living here in the warehouse, trying
> to keep up with the flow.
> In a few days time we'll be providing a phone number for here at the
> warehouse of which we can be contacted Monday through Friday.
> There will only be a 2 hour window for receiving phone calls and that would
> be PST 8:00AM to 10:AM.
> As soon as we find out what happened to the phone we'll be providing this
> number. We had a modem installed
> for a few days while our computers we're being serviced................Modem
> was removed and now the phone
> will not work!!....................If it's not one thing then it's another,
> seems like there are some forces doing their best
> to keep us away from doing the move!
> List of memebers that we have been trying to make contact: If someone else
> is out there who needs to make contact other than emailing
> then feel free to do so.......Do note: This number is for all list memebers
> and please................''DO NOT GIVE IT OUT TO OTHERS!''
> Here the list that I currently know of that we have been trying to contact.
> Jay Sexton
> Dale Phelps
> Mark J. Encarnacion.
> BTW: We're cool with everbody! No hard feelings on our end as some are
> thinking and expressing!
> Apolgies to Dale and the crew......................for using the CR list as
> a messanger board!................But it's the only way.
> Thanks for listening,
> BC
> Baron C.................And the gang!!
> Renaissance cycles
> Eindhoven Holland