Re: [CR]Repairing Stripped Lockring Thread

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From: <>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 23:17:47 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Repairing Stripped Lockring Thread

In a message dated 2/5/04 10:09:16 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:
> Does anyone know what to do?
> Is it possible to restore them? There is plenty of "meat" left in that part
> of the hub.
> Can I cut a smaller diameter thread and use something else for a lockring?
> Is there a "heli-coil" type replacement thread that might work?
> I would be happy to switch the hub, but Zeus track hubs are few and far
> between.
> I need a lockring setup because I plan to ride this bike on the very flat
> roads near my house.

Hi Amir,

I have two possible solution out of probably many: 1) Make a lock ring that fits the threads you have. Any good machinist should be able to measure what's left of your thread, and make something that is a tight enough thread that it will work and be fine. This can either be from scratch, or if you can find something that has a smaller ID than what you need, it can be enlarged. 2) If the cog is a good fit on the thread and you tighten the cog onto the hub with a chain whip, you can get by without a lock ring. It's better if you have a front brake, but I rode like that for years around San Francisco on hills. A lock ring is better by a LOT, and it all depends on the fit between the cog and the hub, so it MAY not be a good idea to NOT have a lock ring. My best
solution is in #1!
Stevan Thomas
Alameda, CA