RE: [CR]A House of Saxe-Gothburg bike!

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Subject: RE: [CR]A House of Saxe-Gothburg bike!
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 19:05:47 -0800
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I have a Windsor catalog from the 70s with no date, it has a model AM-5 INTERNATIONAL 10 SPEED, which has your shifters and brakes but Suntour Honor rear der. And Suntour Sport front der., at this time the middle of the line bikes had Suntour Cyclone ders. And the top of the line AM-1 Carrera Professional had Campy NR. Ciao, chris ioakimedes Fairfax California

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Well, folks, I finally did it... purchased a circa 1975 Windsor 10-speed bike for 10 bucks! I was rather hoping that you kind listmembers might help me out with identifying the model, though (the top tube is rusted)... it's a Widsor 23" frame with Suntour VGT der. set, stem shifters, a Gran Compe stem, center-pull Dia Compe brakes, a Sugino 70ci double crankset, foam-covered aluminum handlebars with "turkey-wing" brake levers, and it's serial number 875479 sold out of Bike Center in Oxford, Ohio. Does anybody know what model Windsor this might be?

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