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Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2004 20:52:08 -0800
From: "Bob Freitas" <freitas1@pacbell.net>
To: CLASSIC RENDEZVOUS <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]BAYAREA/MARIN RIDE report

Well after promising perfect cycling weather here in MARIN in place of the rained out ride last weekend(All you who can see SNOW drifts out your window can hit the DELETE button)
               I would like to report that the weather today WAS PERFECT,BLUE sky,no wind...........a better riding day could not have been wished for.(nor better companions)
                  First the machinery
                                               JAN /PETER JOHNSON(moltini era)
                                               PETER 2 /PINNARELLO
                                               FELIX /chrome PARAMOUNT
                                               BRUCE/ RALEIGH SUPER COURSE
                                               PHIL/ PHIL BROWN(italian era)
                                               GUY/sinister black MASI
                                                STEVEN/ BIANCHI specialissima
                                                 BOB/ BIANCHI super corsa (of the rust period)
               We started in MILL VALLEY rode north along the old railroad right of way(bike path) and climbed up CAMINO ALTO towards CORTE MADERA.PHIL BROWN pointed out various ROCK n ROLL haunts along the way.Those with large rear cogs were grateful,those without probably wondered what they had gotten themselves into.The payoff was the down hill into LARKSPUR, a blur of multi colored wool.We made our way out PARADISE DRIVE and today it lived up to its name,blue bay waters and green covered hills,not a car in sight.I never get tired of riding this stretch of road. As we reached the end of the peninsula we were passed by the "SCREECHING CYCLIST" who was later to pay the price as PETER,JAN,myself and GUY put the hammer down and blew past her(I could actually feel my front wheel going light-or did I just imagine that?) The Lunch stop in TIBURON was great as we worked on our sunburns,talked about vintage stuff and took lessons in ordering GELATO in ITALIAN from PETER J. The last part of the ride back to where we were parked went quickly as we made our way past other cyclists,dog walkers,skaters and joggers all using the "multiuse"path,climbed the steepest short street in MARIN, stopped to window shop for a FERRARI(or maybe a MASERATI) made our way back over the freeway and back to our parking spot.
                           I think a fine time was had by all and look forward to our next ride.
                ps PHIL promises to get some titanium screws for his cleats before the next ride