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Subject: Re: [CR]Late 60's Falcon - Conclusion
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 21:23:12 -0600

Going over the (it appears) 1972 Falcon San Remo, I do find one questionable piece. The toe clips are Campy alloy. I don't believe these were available until much later. Anyone know when these were introduced? Perhaps a proper pair of Christophes would be more correct.


Jerry Moos

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> I received the Falcon San Remo this past week. Absolutely beautiful. This
> is the best condition of any used bike I have ever bought. The only thing I
> have to change, is that they have a rather wide range Regina Oro FW on it
> and the Regina Oro chain needs a few more links to cover it. Have to count
> the large FW cog teeth, as my experience is that 28T is the biggest an NR is
> going to handle in any case. Thanks to all who advised me to pay the $700
> and go for it. That's about $200 more than the typical price for this
> model, but the superb condition justifies the premium. For those who were
> skeptical this was a 60's model as the seller claimed, the RD says 72, so
> you were right, but an NR bike couldn't have been older than 1968 anyway, so
> the seller wasn't really all that far off.
> I see that Dale has posted the seller's photos from eBay on the CR site. He
> really did have outstanding photos, much better than typical for an eBay
> auction. Not sure I can do much better, so I probably won't take photos
> myself. If you want to see Falcon at their best, before bike boom volume
> eroded quality, have a look. By the way, it is obvious from the snow in the
> background that these are not my phots - it never snows in Houston. I'll
> bet a lot of members wish they could say the same about their locales.
> Regards,
> Jerry Moos
> in balmy Houston, TX