RE: [CR]Modern-day Period-Correct 1970's Headsets ?!?!

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Subject: RE: [CR]Modern-day Period-Correct 1970's Headsets ?!?!
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 16:17:45 -0500
Thread-Topic: [CR]Modern-day Period-Correct 1970's Headsets ?!?!
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It should be noted that if you order King headsets without the logo (I think there is also a minimum number for an order), they come without the large "KING" etching in the upper and lower cups, but still have the engraving in the "skirt" of the compression nut, unlike the very early King headsets, which only had engraving on the very top on the lock nut.

Is that a run-on sentence or what?

I agree that the Chorus headset is most likely a '99 or later model.

Wayne Bingham Falls Church VA

>>>That Chorus headset is pretty recent. I would guess 2000 or so. The A9 is from the mis 1980s. The King headset was first available in the late 1970s and was of course without logo. To get them without logo, your shop has to order them directly from King, and then wait quite a while. I stock them. Peter Jon White<<<

> Well, don't everybody scream at once about selling their surplus
> english-threaded nuovo record headsets ...
> What is the closest thing to a "period correct" headset for a 1970's
> bike, that can be bought NEW today ?? What about :
> (a) Stronglight A9 ? When did these begin production?
> (b) Chris King w/o advertising (custom ordered at a bike shop) ?
> The headset I'm looking for would go onto an English 531 bicycle with
> mostly Campagnolo components. Does anybody know in what year this
> campagnolo chorus headset (from wwcyclery) was introduced? And where
> can I find answers to questions like these so I don't have to bother
> list members?<blah>
> - Don Gillies