Re: Subject: [CR]Anyone remember Craig Mitchell of Marin?

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Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 17:51:16 EST
Subject: Re: Subject: [CR]Anyone remember Craig Mitchell of Marin?

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>I have an interesting Craig Mitchell Mountain bike that he made using 20"
>wheels and designed for an adult to ride off road. He took a 70's BMX frame
>and added a strut and trussrod system to extend the seatpost up. It's
>pretty wacky bike but it is one of the early mountain bikes from Marin.
> I knew Craig as well but as I remember Doug White bujilt the first 20" wheel off road-don't call it a mountain-bike. We were living in Oak Manor and just up the street was one of the fire roads. Like Craig's-and Victor's- it doesn't count because of the 20' wheels. I remember the Sofa Cycle recumbent as well. Doug built one too and used to ride it from Pt Reyes to Fairfax. Those were the days. Phil Brown Waxing nostalgic in San Rafael, Calif.