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Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 19:51:51 -0600
Subject: [CR]Brooks Saddles - Latest News From Web Site

Hey Thanks Craig , for mentioning that really nice article !

So , because of reading that article , I visited the official Brooks Web Site .


HEY !!!!!! There are some things nobody has mentioned !! As we all know , Brooks was bought by a larger , more financially rich , bicycle saddle company from Italia . As most of us have read ( with great relief ) , the news seems to be all-good for the future of Genuine Brooks Leather Saddles . As most of us know , the B.17 Swallow is coming back !! And all of the various variations of the B.17 seem safe , for the present , and for the near future .

HOWEVER , according to the web site , the Brooks Professional ( small rivet ) is . . . gone !!

( Since the Brooks Professional was a descendant of the Brooks B.17 , you could claim that the Professional is a variation of the B.17 , I suppose . . . )

The Brooks Team Professional ( large hammered rivet ) is still doing just fine , in both regular and "S" ( short , primarily for women ) .

And , the color Burgundy is . . . gone !! Although the very latest color , that very dark green , still lives on .

So , the news is good , great in fact !! But , as always , if you see something you like , BUY IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN !!

Raoul Delmare
Marysville Kansas

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Subject: [CR]what the heck is a brooks b17?

Grin :-)

Check out


for a modern spin on this venerable piece.

Craig Fenstermaker
Minnetonka mn