Re: [CR]wanted: pictures of early 20th century toeclips

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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 20:00:32 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]wanted: pictures of early 20th century toeclips

Before I reply, I slipped up the other night and didn't introduce my self as a new member. I live in NW Ohio and would call myself a bike nut. I love to ride, read about and talk about bikes old and new. I receive much enjoyment reading CR letters every day! In response to Mr. Knight's question, there are some pretty fair pictures of toe clips from 1897 on page 117 of the book "A Pictorial History of the American Bicycle Vol 1 from 1900 to 1950".The book is about 210 pages of photo copies of old ads and articles including an 8 page pictorial of a bike builder cira 1900 building a bike. The book was $30 US and is available

Will McKnight