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Yep, Schwinn had a habit of buying things in VERY large quantities. As limited as Paramount track bike production was, they probably had a 10-year supply of 151 Pista cranks on hand when Campy stopped making them in 1972 or so......

And we won't even begin to talk about how many Nervex lugs and BBs they had lying around back then. Or 72-hole large-flange Campy Record hubs!

This kind of buying/building habit sorta blows holes in some of our "what's period-correct for my Paramount" discussions, huh?&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp; ;-)


Greg "still obsessive-compulsive about it anyways" Parker Ann of Arbor, Michigan
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> Pete,
> I sold Schwinn bikes thru 1977.&amp;nbsp; The last Paramount Track bikes we
> received
> in 1977 all had the 151 BCD cranks.
> Jim Kerr
> New Haven, CT
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> Stevan,
> Thank you for the info on the Campy crank changeover.&amp;nbsp; About a year ago
> I
> purchased a '75 Paramount track bike (referred to in earlier messages to the
> CR list).&amp;nbsp; Soon after buying it I discovered it had the 151 BCD cranks.
> Having heard about the 144 BCD being introduced by Campy in 1968, I assumed
> that someone had replaced the original cranks with an older set at some
> point in the bike's life--that was actually a little disappointing to me.
> Since then, I've been on the lookout for 144 BCD cranks to put on the bike
> to make it "right."&amp;nbsp; Your information gives me good reason to believe
> my
> bike has its original cranks on it and now my search for 144's can end.
> And, instead of being non-original, maybe my bike is now one more datapoint
> helping to prove that Schwinn continued to use 151's at least as late as
> 1975 (serial #K7557).&amp;nbsp; Thank you very much.
> Pete Rutledge
> Woodbridge, VA
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> &amp;gt;
> &amp;gt;&amp;gt;My most recent acquisition was a Medici Pro Pista.&amp;amp;amp;nbsp; The
> surprise was
> &amp;gt;&amp;gt;the
> &amp;gt;&amp;gt;151bcd Pista crank, and the No Record hubs.&amp;amp;amp;nbsp; I checked
> out the
> &amp;gt;&amp;gt;archives.
> &amp;gt;&amp;gt;The Medici story was amazing.&amp;amp;amp;nbsp; I recommend anyone who
> missed it
> to
> &amp;gt;&amp;gt;check it
> &amp;gt;&amp;gt;out.
> &amp;gt;&amp;gt;What I can't surmise is whether the pre-68 date applies to pista
> cranks
> as
> &amp;gt;&amp;gt;well as Strada, or whether the pre-63 date applies to track hubs as
> well
> as
> &amp;gt;&amp;gt;road.&amp;amp;amp;nbsp; By the way the left crankarm was a Strada, how
> much
> different
> &amp;gt;&amp;gt;are
> &amp;gt;&amp;gt;they from the pista?
> &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
> &amp;gt;
> &amp;gt;Hi Garret,
> &amp;gt;The 151 Record track cranks continued until the introduction of SR in
> about
> &amp;gt;1974, and were offered after that for quite awhile, as there were large
> stocks
> &amp;gt;on hand at all the distributors. I think "no Record" hubs were made at
> least
> &amp;gt;until 1965, have you checked yours for dates?
> &amp;gt;
> &amp;gt;The cross section of the arms can vary, the Pista cranks sometimes have
> the
> &amp;gt;older, squarer profile while the Strada arms have a more beveled corner.
> &amp;gt;
> &amp;gt;It's very likely someone built their "new" Medici frame with parts they
> had
> &amp;gt;on hand, so that may explain older parts on a newer frame. Happens a
> lot...or
> &amp;gt;did.
> &amp;gt;Stevan Thomas
> &amp;gt;Alameda, CA