Re: [CR]3Rensho made Allez framesets

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Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 07:52:16 -0800
From: "joel metz, ifbma/sfbma" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]3Rensho made Allez framesets

as far as i know, yoshi konno (3rensho) only made the first generation allez for specialized, and may have only made some of them

ive always been told that the things to look for are:

1. the almost candy-apple dark red flamboyant color, which the first-generation allez had (which this bike does not have - its the later simple gloss red.

2. the lugs filed to almost impossibly thin points, a hallmark of 3rensho work (which again, this bike does not have)

id say no way is this a 3rensho made allez.

if i can get ahold of my friend who has one of the 3rensho allez, ill get pics...


>Does anyone know how to tell a 3Rensho made Specialized Allez frameset from
>the others? Did Specialized offer 3Rensho Allez concurrently with frames made
>by other builders? Pics of the one I am asking about are at:
>Lou Deeter, Orlando