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Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 05:08:10 +0100
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Subject: Re: [CR]re: The worst name for a bicycle company ??

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> Faggin!
> I once owned a pinkish Faggin! Anyway rolled up to a street football game
> one day which was about 25 miles away
> from home!..............Had a good ride and was making ready to play a
> little ball! Well there was 2 big guys on
> the other side............And they kinda laughed at the bike!............I
> said OK!.....Soon after I cought one of them
> and sent him off to the ground!....Cought the other a few times as well!
> After all said and done they didn't last the day!
> They said quits toward the end of the so called 3rd quarter. BTW: When I say
> street ball, I don't mean touch
> football, it be unprotected full contact! After the game. One of my buddies
> said, Yep! They be the reason why we gave you a jingle.
> Did my thing and rode that pink bike home!...............Now why did I buy a
> pink bike! The price was right, it was a repaint
> that a buddy had painted for his wife but she never rode the darn thing. At
> first I said pink, no way! Then he told me the
> price and I said OK!............It was a faggin ''POWER!'' They say it was
> built with SL in the 3 main tubes while the rest
> was track tubing. It was a bruiser!.................Now if I can only find
> another.............Anybody knows of one in a 54 or perhaps a 55!
> I'm all ears.
> BC
> Baron C...................And the gang!!
> Renaissance cycles
> Eindhoven Holland!....................Where I have yet to see a pink bike!
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> > Roy-
> > I get a kick out of every time I hear about this name, but for different
> > reasons. Firstly, it is not pronounced as it spells in English, (I believe
> it is
> > correctly pronounced "fa/jeen"). However, I recall a guy in Colorado who
> had
> > one of these bikes, (maybe it was given to him) who removed the "F" from
> all the
> > decals. Apparently it it negatively affected his manly self-imagine to
> have a
> > Faggin bike. What a hoot! Cheers-
> > Dave Anderson
> > Cut Bank MT
> >
> > In a message dated 2/13/2004 3:46:38 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> > writes:
> > Faggin
> >
> > Roy "enough said" Drinkwater
> > Lititz, PA