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Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 13:23:31 -0800 (GMT-08:00)
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Subject: Re: [CR]bike boxing & ebay seller -not- Cino59

I don't believe Cino59 is the seller for the item that started this thread.

K.R. Bennett Oakland, CA

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Lou- I too, give this ebay seller a wide berth. Besides all the points you and others make below, this seller has something like 12 negative feedbacks. Obviously something is askew besides his $35 boxing scam. He used to claim that he "sent out" his bikes to be "professionally" boxed, hence the reason why it was "non-refundable". I understand he now indicates that he is the one who actually boxes the bikes. Yes, you can now pick it up in person and he will give you a $10 refund if you leave the box with him. Hmmm, let me get this straight. First he has an intact bike, then he disassembles it and charges you another $25 for doing so? What if you want the intact version, does that cost another $25 to get? IMHO, the 3 Stooges could pull off a less obvious scam than this genius. Presently he is selling, and apparently quite successfully, some brown cloth "handlebar" tape doing the keyword spams of "Bianchi Olmo Cinelli Masi Campy". This particular tape looks extremely similar to some brown electrical tape my Dad used for car wiring. Also check out his "Me" page. If nothing else, he seems to have some history of creative conflicts with various other bike shops. Truly one of the more colorful denizens of ebay. Cheers- Dave Anderson Cut Bank MT

In a message dated 2/17/2004 10:15:02 AM PST, writes: I think the $35 is a red herring. He is probably using that to not only cover his packaging costs, but also to ease the percentage of the sale price he has to pay Ebay--in other words, part of the $35 is already factored into the price. I can't imagine people actually buying bike boxes anymore since most bike shops give them out free. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

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\r?\n> oh, this guy. hes the same one selling the legions of hoopdy "track

\r?\n> bikes" to the hordes of messenger groupies scanning ebay for anything

\r?\n> remotely resembling a cheap fixie. hey, i know! ill take a freewheel

\r?\n> hub, respace it and redish it with wacky tension so itll work as a

\r?\n> single-speed hub, throw a fixed cog on without a lockring, and sell

\r?\n> it to someone as their first fixed gear! and *then* charge them $35

\r?\n> to put it in a box, even if they come pick the bike up! oh wait, if

\r?\n> they come pick it up, ill only charge them $25, but only if they

\r?\n> leave the box.


\r?\n> i sense someone buying bikes from the local police bike auction, and

\r?\n> turning them around on ebay for $100 a pop - or more, depending on

\r?\n> what fools are willing to pay for janky fixies.


\r?\n> bummer is, he has a fiorelli/magistroni headset up right now that i

\r?\n> could use for a bike with a problem headset, but i refuse to buy from

\r?\n> him. $4.95 shipping for an item thatll cost $3.85 to ship in a free

\r?\n> box from the post office, and mandatory insurance aint my bag.


\r?\n> and yes, i know multiple people whove gotten fixies from him and had

\r?\n> them go wonky in the rear wheel department. waste of time buying

\r?\n> half-ass fixies off ebay when they could do just as well buying a

\r?\n> used bike from the thrift store and doing it themselves.


\r?\n> oops. did i mention that i detest this crap? :) but damn if it aint a

\r?\n> moneymaker! $35 to drop a bike in a box. genius.

\r?\n> -joel


\r?\n> ><blah>

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> >Looks pretty clean. A comfy ride based on the may I sold.

\r?\n> >Beware this professional seller's professional $35 boxing nonsense. I have

\r?\n> >never charged boxing on any bike I've sold- but I'd love to box bikes all

\r?\n> >day at $35 a crack.

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> >Joe Bender-Zanoni

\r?\n> >Great Notch NJ