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Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 14:27:21 GMT
Subject: RE: [CR]Brit v Italian bikes
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The Italian made Gloria frames have rather ornate lugs for an Italian machine. Made in the 30's.

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA

-- Mark Poore wrote:

Although most Italian bikes were built with the Italian long or short point lugs there were a few examples of ornate lugs. My Rauler has the most ornate lugs that I have seen on an Italian bike and you can view it at in the Rauler folder. When Dale saw this bike he called it an Italian Hetchins. At some point I saw a web page that had some examples of older bikes and there was one Italian bike from the late 40’s, I believe, that had fancy lugs, but cannot remember the site. Maybe someone here knows of the site that I refer to. From some reason fancy Italian lugged bikes never caught on with consumers.

Also, with questions about Chris Pauley being brought up you may also like to view the Pauley folder at my photo page.

Only 10 days to the Cirque,

Mark Poore

Slatyfork, WV

>What other countries had the equivalent of "Hetchins" or "Carlton
>International" with such overblown lugwork? I'm not saying that
>overblown lugwork is something to be proud of, but diversity of
>offerings is what makes life interesting ...

Some of the fancy overblown lug work started here in America.The Early(1890s till 1903) G.J.s Ramblers has great curley lugs. And what a great model name,Only bicycle model to have a car named after it that I can think of.(many bicycle companys built cars and many cars took bicycle company names,Rambler was a model name of the G&J co.)

sam lingo pleasanton tx