Re: [CR] Alan Record frame w/oval top tube

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Subject: Re: [CR] Alan Record frame w/oval top tube
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 04:19:39 +0000

Unless that TT is obviously damaged, I'd wager it was done intentionally back in the early '80s when "aero" was the latest rage (for about a month and a half or so as I recall...). I recently had a matte-black-anodized Alan with 50th Anniversary parts, and the TT was ovalized quite a bit by Alan - definitely done "at the factory."


Greg Parker Ann Arbor, Michigan

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My Alan Super Record has round section main tubes. I think that one has been squashed.


Jerry Moos

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> We just took this frame in as a trade and had a couple of questions about
> it. The lugs are the typical cast aluminum and the frame tubes are a matte
> black color. Did the Record frame have an ovalized top tube? The center
> section of our top tube has a very slight ovalization to it. It is very
> gradual and looks like some of the tubing manipulation that they use today
> but I didn't think that they did it to these frames when new. I am kinda
> guessing that it has been squashed in a repair stand but wanted to make

> sure.

Jeff Archer