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Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 19:18:08 -0700
From: "joel metz, ifbma/sfbma" <>
Subject: RE: [CR]Lubrication - Sturmey Archer

>Rick Paulos wrote:
>I sure agree those hubs are quite tolerant of just about any lube or
>lack thereof. Figure on a disassembly, cleaning and relube every 25
>years or so. Or keep it lubed yearly. The SA 3 speed hub is such a
>marvel. It's worth taking one apart, cleaning and reassembling just
>for the experience.
>The first time I took one apart I was 12. Had just bought a
>Hercules Royal Something at the Police Auction, and wanted to KNOW
>and get it right. So, somehow I got it right. My memory is that I
>got it back together again, with three functioning gears --
>backwards. I don't see, in retrospect, how that could be, so I guess
>I just bailed and let the shop fix it... :-)
>To me, the S/A is strange. By now, I have no trouble breaking down
>and reassembling all the ones I have, and try to do it once per
>quarter century or so. Lot easier to work on than to track the
>mysteries of power flow in each gear...
>harvey sachs
>mcLean VA


a friend of mine, marvelling at my love of the sturmey-archer aw, asked me:

"joel, how many parts are in one of those, anyhow?"

i stared into the sky, not answering his question...

after a while, he asked again:

"youre counting them, arent you?"

well duh! :)

i asked him if he wanted to know actual number of parts, or the number of individual part types, and he said "nevermind..."

ive told people repeatedly that given a box that is guaranteed to contain all the parts necessary to build at least one full s-a aw, i can build one. probably by feel...


(i think its 56 and 40, respectively, or thereabouts... too lazy to get the exploded diagram and check my numbers :) )

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