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Subject: Re: [CR]NOS 1970 Flandria on Ebay
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 22:19:25 -0500

I bought some DA sidepulls I think in 1973, and there were DA centerpulls earlier than that, so I think DA may have been around in 1972, and 1970 isn't out of the question. One reason the bid isn't very high may be the frame tubing is unknown, but with those components, one would think the frame should be of quality tubing.


Jerry Moos

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> Hi Lou,
> Your instincts are right on. This bike can't be from 1970. As I recall
> Shimano didn't start selling these components until 1974. It does look
> nice though and the current price is very attractive! I happen to think
> these first generation Dura-Ace components are superb. One detail: the
> hubs don't look like Dura-Ace to me. The cut-out on Dura-Ace hubs from
> that vintage were not quite so oval.
> David White
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> >Hard to believe this one hasn't attracted more interest, particularly given
> >it is NOS, 30 years old and has original DuraAce parts. I didn't even know
> >DuraAce was made in 1970!! I would have pegged this bike for mid-70s given the
> >parts. Is the seller a listmember? Lou Deeter, Orlando FL