RE: [CR]Source for Helicomatic 6 speed freewheel

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From: "Dave Abraham" <>
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Subject: RE: [CR]Source for Helicomatic 6 speed freewheel
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 11:23:21 -0400
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I have both 24 & 26t individual cogs, as well as other'll have to dis-assemble yours... $5@


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Hi all,

I'm in the slow process of building up a 1974 Woodrup Star Trophy model and I have a Maillard Helicomatic rear hub (6 speed) largest cog 21t. Does anybody know of a source for Helicomatic freewheels, since I want to change this one out for a 24 or 26t max freewheel. I'm currently slumming evilbay since I see that parts occassionally show up there. My other option is to use what I have until the hub is trashed. Thanks.


Roland Hilgarth
Lexington, KY