Re: [CR]Are Ebay Prices Drifting Lower??

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Subject: Re: [CR]Are Ebay Prices Drifting Lower??
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 03:52:20 -0700

He made the fatal mistake of leaving Campagnolo out of his auction titles. I have also found there are times during the year when final bid prices slump.

Karen Rawls
Winchester VA
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Subject: [CR]Are Ebay Prices Drifting Lower??

> Listers-
> It seems to me that Ebay final bid prices are getting lower. Yes, there is
> the occasional 1950s Bianchi w/Cambio set-up that still fetches $2000, but as
> far as bikes from like say the 1970s, do they seem lower now than in the past?
> For instance, below a set of nice Campy SR calipers going for $41?
> How about this recent Flandria that we were all discussing, or the Faggin
> that Lou recently pointed out. If its just my limited perspective that makes me
> come to this conclusion, step right up and let me know. If others are coming to
> this conclusion as well, what do you think is going on? Market saturation?
> Seasonal doledrums? Any and all opinions welcomed.
> cheers-
> Dave Anderson
> Cut Bank MT