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Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 16:15:30 GMT


I haven't been able to see the photos. But if it needs a new head tube, like you say, it's easier to start over. Done properly, a top tube and down tube replacement would be sound and possible. The lugs aren't really effected by the heat of removing the tubes since they're not alloy and they aren't holding the bike together anyway. With a good fit of a new tube and properly silver brazed back together, it will be as good as it can get. At least the new tubes will be fresh and silver brazed into the frame. That's the best you can expect.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA

The Sam method would fly about as far as you could throw the frame in my book. The bike should be as sound as it looks, especially if someone else is going to end up pwning or riding the bike. Remaking Scorpion lugs is probably a challange, but not impossible.

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>But it needs a new top tube, head tube and down tube. I wouldn't
>imagine it would be all that difficult to re-build it with a shorter
>top tube.
> Before Brian chimes in I'd like to say that it would be very hard to take the bike apart without damaging the lugs. Easier to put a new front section on if-and it's not impossible-the lugs can be found.
Phil Brown
San Rafael, Calif.