Re: [CR]Mavic HS tools?

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Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 11:04:43 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Mavic HS tools?

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<< Just bought Vitus 979 with nearly all Mavic SSC (derailleurs, Retrofriction

shifters, cranks, rear wheel and Modolo-made nonaero brakes)..................

My question is this. The bike has a headset which I think may be Mavic, but

I can find no Mavic marking. It has a tall stack height and sort of "aero"

shape like a lot of Mavic HS's. But there are no flats in the cups.

Instead, the are vertical grooves in the surface of the cups all around.

Obviously, you need special tools to maintenance it. Is this a Mavic HS?

Does anyone know where I would find the special tools for it?>>


Yes, it is a Mavic headset, Model 300, I believe. Try BC for the wrenches??

<<Also, the bike seems to have a Mavic BB. I've avoided these in the past

because I understand they require chamfering the BB shell, which I didn't

want to get into. Do these BB's require special tool to work on, or only

for the initial installation? Can a covential BB be installed in a frame

which has had a Mavic BB installed? >>

Mavic had several tools for bottom bracket installation, maintenance and overhaul. They even offered a complete BB kit which came in a "fancy" carrying case. The only tool you really "need" (IMO) is the installation tool. You can substitute other things for suitable "drifts" and pre-load adjusters.

Yes, unless someone installed the Mavic BB incorrectly, you will be able to use a conventional bottom bracket.


Chuck Brooks
Malta, NY