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Raleigh Pro bottom bracket cutouts?I bought a 1973 new at Agee's in Richmond Va. that had none.In 1975 I replaced that tall frame with a 1972,which also had no cut outs. Conclusion,some do,and some do not!This is probably not true of the later ones,as the demand faded. Harris Spracher Waynesboro,Va.

Eric Elman <> wrote: Hi my good friend Ken!

You can ID the year of your frame by it's serial number and then referencing this chart at the this link:

The last year for the "Brampton" fastback was 1977 (maybe early 1978?) based on seeing the non-fastback version for sale in shops during 1978.

Can't help with the BB cutouts, but I am curious too.

Eric Elman
Somers, CT

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> Dear C-R member,
> I have been collecting-riding Raleigh Peofessionals for several years but
> i still do not know how to identify year of production by serial number.
> Meanwhile, one question came upto me; when is the last year the Pro model
> with "fast back" (rear stays connecting together at back of seat post) made.
> I know around 1979 to 80, a new model came with rear stay "side by side".
> And also the bottom of B/B shell had changed "C-C" cut out to "three" grooves.
> Thanks in advance!
> KEN TODA, High Point, NC where the world largest furniture maket is going on!