[CR]Verma 'quick releases' for solid axles

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Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 08:29:57 -0500
Subject: [CR]Verma 'quick releases' for solid axles

Hey Rick ,

Wow , I had not thought of those in decades ! I'd completely forgotten those had ever existed ! As I recall , they were solidly made , but fairly inexpensively made . They looked as if somebody was trying to do their very best work , on a very low budget .

I thought the basic idea was a GREAT idea - when I saw those , and figured out what I was looking at .

I think if Campagnolo had made them , they'd have been a popular idea !

But , they certainly would have been MUCH more expensive than wing-nuts , and much-much more expensive than plain axle-nuts . And , of course , you'd need two ( 2 ) "quick-release-nuts" on each wheel . So , you'd need four ( 4 ) of those little rascals per bicycle ! They could never have competed with "normal" quick-releases for the fastest wheel change . And , my guess is that they ended up costing just about the same as an inexpensive "normal" quick-release set-up .

But , what a VERY interesting idea ! And they'd work on any old bicycle with solid axles !

Surely the idea for this little gizmo was an early product of the 1968 - 1972 "bike-boom" ? They just seemed to say very-late-1960's , to me . Although , they did also kind of look like late-1950's technology . . .

Super funky technology ! Somebody deserved credit for some truly inventive thinking !

I think I still have one of those in a box , somewhere . I know I never had a full set of four . Perhaps I only ever had one single orphan one of these ? Regardless , I still think they're very cool ! If I recall correctly , I've only ever seen them on one ( 1 ) bicycle . But I think I did find one of them , a lonely orphan , lost in the miscellaneous rubble of some old bicycle shop in Texas ( perhaps Bike South , Corpus Christi , Texas ? ) . . .

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Subject: [CR]Sediscolor chains

I came across a few Sedis "Sediscolor" chains. What was the range of availability of this chain?

Also came across some German made "Verma" quick releases (?) they attach to a regular threaded axle but has a cam operated handle (like a conventional quick release) Anyone familiar with these?

thanks in advance

Rick Gaytan
San dDiego, CA