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Subject: Re: [CR]DeRosa History Question
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2004 19:51:12 +0000

Tom asked:
> After issuing its' beautiful Anniversary edition, DeRosa issued three Heritage
> Models in the '90s. the first was a replica of a '50s bike, I'm not sure of the
> designation. Then there was a Heritage 65 Model in white. This was followed
> by a Heritage 73 Molteni, in Molteni orange.
> My question is, was the Heritage 65, which was white, a replica of the Faema
> team bikes? The Heritage Model has World Champion Stripes, but seems to lack
> the dark head tube background of the Faema bikes (which were also white, I
> believe) I have seen in pictures. I am wondering exactly what this Heritage 65
> was a replica of? Any DeRosa sharpies out there who could say?
> The reason I am asking is I have just acquired a super mint Heritage 65 Model
> which I probably will use as trading stock soon, and I would like to know what I
> am talking about before showing it to folks..

The De Rosa replica series were completely stock 1980's vintage frames with only the paint jobs replicating the older graphics. The frame design was not old, nor were the components, nor the lugs or tubing. Had you bought a bike in 1965 from De Rosa, you would have received the decals and logos as seen on your new bike. Nothing else harks back to that time. You will note that there is no heart to be seen anywhere (they were first used by Ugo in 1973) Effectively you have a mid-late 80's bike with a less common paint job. Personally, I would consider it like virtually any other De Rosa of the same period.

Steven Maasland
Moorestown, NJ