[CR]shimano headsets- a view from 14 years ago (still IT)

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Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 09:50:09 -0700
Subject: [CR]shimano headsets- a view from 14 years ago (still IT)

Shimano headsets are not known to last all that long before pitting hopelessly.

We joked around at the shop that this is the new shimano indexed headset. It allows you to ride no hands in a straight line- good for those fist in the air victory salutes.

Tom Martin
Oakland CA

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> John wrote:
> > >The basic verdict for 1st generation Dura-Ace, good brake calipers once toed
> > >in. Brake levers on a par with Weinmann. Nice hubs, (had chromed oil clips
> > >and outer nuts) smooth but durability then suspect.
> David replied:
> > I've been using a set of 1st generation Shimano Dura-Ace large flange
> > hubs continuously since 1974 and they are still among the smoothest and
> > lowest-friction hubs I've ever experienced! I rebuild them every few
> > years -- no more than that -- and there is still no sign of pitting or
> > other deterioration. As far as I'm concerned they are beautiful
> > aesthetically -- much nicer design and finish than the comparable era
> > Campy Record large flange hubs -- and delightful to ride.
> I have some 1978 black Dura-ace hubs that lasted less than two seasons before pitting badly. The only hubs that I have ever had that lasted less time were French Normandy hubs. Other Dura-ace hubs belongong to my customers of the time had similar experiences, so I would definitely side with John with regards to durability. I do however agree that the design and outside finish is exquisite. Another negative is that the Dura-ace Q/R skewer levers quickly became rusty.
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> Steven Maasland
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