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I've had two colleagues in the last several years who underwent multiple bypass surgery. Within a couple of months, both felt better than they had felt in years. These heart conditions progress gradually and you don't realize how bad you felt until after surgery has corrected the condition. Although I must say it is hard to imagine a Russ who is suddenly even more energetic than he has been in recent years. That will be awesome.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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> Hi everyone! Good news to report. The surgery is over, and went very
> well!
> He was in surgery for about 3 1/2 hours. They ended up doing a
> quadruple bypass, instead of just a double, because they found
> additional blockage when they got in. They used the mammary artery for
> the front, and veins from his left leg for the 2 bypasses in the back.
> The great news was that the permanent damage that they expected to see
> was not there! The surgeon seemed surprised but pleased at this. There
> was improvement in that area, and the surgeon expects even more
> improvement in function as he heals and after there is more blood flow
> to that area. We expect a full recovery! He will actually feel better
> and have more energy than before, because he will have improved heart
> function. We are so relieved. This was the best possible news!!
> When I was finally allowed to see him, his eyes were closed, and he was
> mumbling something about Campagnolo! I had to smile. When I heard that,
> I knew he was going to be just fine!
> We believe that everyone's prayers and positive thoughts have
> contributed to his healing, and we're so grateful to everyone.
> Please continue to pray for his healing and recovery. He should be
> allowed to come home on Friday if there are no complications.
> Ana
> P.S. As before, if you wish to email, please send to