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Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 18:50:26 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Hanging bikes ... and potential wheel stress

Ah, but doesn't a wheel rim in use get a lot of its strength through the principle of an arch ... i.e, pressure from contact with the road is spread over a larger area with the use of a tire, and pushes into the CONVEX curved side of the rim (the "arch"), which pushes onto itself for support. Much like a brick or stone bridge built with an arch. On the other hand, doesn't a hook pulling OUTWARD on the CONCAVE side of the rim, pull in the weaker direction for the rim, AND in a much more concentrated contact area, which is just the opposite of when in use? That's my thinking when I look at my bikes hanging there, wishing I could see them better, and it has bugged me a bit. I too want to protect all these beauties that I have invested so much time and love into, as best I can. The wood stands that were discussed made me think of a more permanent application for my basement gallery. The plan will orient each bike in the correct position. They will be supported by the top tube, cradled in a nicely curved half tube, lined with soft stuff for years of paint-safe use. They will be "riding" off the wall at 45 deg. or so to the right, displaying all the Campy cranks and gears ... whoopee! Once employed, I'll take photos and email the list.

Ciao, Mark (unstudied, but steadily studying rims instead) Agree Southfield MI

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> I do not know about you but I weigh way more then my bike does and my wheels

> hold up fine with my big body on them. Hanging is fine just use coated hooks

> so you do not scratch the rims up.

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> >Hello People,

> >

> >Thanks for all the really great ideas.... 192 at last count. What I

> >really want to know is about the effect of gravity on wheels with full

> >bikes hanging off them. If I hang them for any amount of time, will the

> >wheels pull out of shape? I'm in one of those situations where I may

> >have to pull a bike off a hook at a moments notice and get it ready for

> >it's owner... could be years but they want it perfect, will I have to

> >learn how to true up a wheel in 30 seconds or what?

> >

> >Thom (egg head ) Adams,

> >Wondering in,

> >Blandford , Nova Scotia