Re: [CR]Re: What did the old builders have in mind?

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Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 14:20:58 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: What did the old builders have in mind?
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on 4/8/04 2:03 PM, Fred Rafael Rednor at wrote:
>> i was surprised to get cc-ed on this, so
>> i'll ask, "what <do> you think the old
>> builders had in mind?"
> Is it some sort of sacrilege to contend that they were
> businessmen who sold racing bicycle frames? No doubt, they
> liked bicycle racing - and may have been passionate about it -
> but there should not be any doubt they were businessmen.

I don't get it. If these "racing" frames didn't require great attention to detail, then why both to regard them as special? If they had crappy brazing and alignment, then they were crappy frames. If they are simply "serviceable," then they aren't special.

There is some wierd mystique that surrounds certain builders that exists to this day. Put the right name on a crummy bike and the masses will bow down. Tell the right marketing story, and people will see flaws as "character." Yet wheel out another bike with the same flaws but without the fancy name, and those same people turn up their noses.

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