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Chuck, if I ever get my mitts on a stinky De Rosa, I will pass it your way...likewise if you ever get yours on a stinky brit bike, pass it on over here! I had a DeRosa, lugged frameset. It was fair in the riding/racing category. I have gotten my hands on some fairly inexpensive brit bikes that rode far better for me. Heck, even my flying dutchman rode nice than the DeRosa. There was just something lacking in mine. It just didn't have that kick I liked for climbing, no accelaration point or something. Nicely lugged, attractive in light blue with beautiful cutouts and not sloppy. It just didn't have that extra!

Walter Skrzypek Falls Creek, Pa

Still have my 3 Italian Bianchis, but I also now have a Dawes, Bob Jackson, and Flying Scot...not to mention my lovely spanish Darlings!

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> Todd Kuzma wrote:
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> > on 4/8/04 3:32 PM, Chuck Schmidt at wrote:
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> > > If something like a "stinky" De Rosa is Eddy Merckx' choice to race on
> > > (he wasn't sponsored by Ugo) then I want it.
> >
> > My point is if the DeRosa has the same level of workmanship as a Raleigh or
> > Peugeot from the same era (just a what-if, I'm not making that argument),
> > should it be held in any higher regard?
> For me personally? Yes, the De Rosa is held in higher regard by me.
> (Note that I said by _me_. I speak only for myself here. You list
> members should avoid "stinky" De Rosas in my opinion!)
> Chuck Schmidt
> South Pasadena, Southern California


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