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Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 14:21:21 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Italvega Identification

Steve, Sounds kinda like a Nuovo Sport model. What color is it? Are there four chrome bands on the seat tube? Please send PICs, and a serial number from under the b.b. if there is one. Include what is left of the model decal on the front end of the top tube (potentially, on either side), and shots of the b.b. sockets, rear dropouts, and cable guides if there are any. These will all help, as most of the Italvega frame models seemed to have slight variances from one another (except for the Superlight / Super Speciale model that has been discussed recently). Be sure to send the PICs to my personal email address, and not to the list. As for decals, thus far I know of no source for replacements. However, list member Jay Sexton in CA is/was in the process of developing replicas. Perhaps he is ready to help... You're right that the bike is probably no racer, but at $5 ... a little Italian style can go a long way!

Ciao, Mark Agree Southfield MI USA

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Hi Mark,

Your name sounds familiar...maybe you purchased some bike stuff from me = on Ebay. =20

Well, what I'm looking for on the Italvega is what model it was, its = status in the Italvega line, and approximate year. It's not like some = of the nicer Ital's I've seen around, but that may be explained by it = perhaps being an early model, as it looks 1960's-ish. Or it could be = that it was a low model of which one could choose from several. It = turned up at a yard sale ($5!) a few months ago, and I've had it hanging = in my shop since then. =20

It would also be really outstanding to find a downtube decal/transfer, = as it has worn or faded away, to being barely perceptible. =20

I do have pics if there is interest. =20

Here are the features: Fork has chrome crown and lower halves, steel = rims, non-identified 3-piece hubs, unknown group Campy front derailleur = and dt shifters, ttt stem, Nervar cottered cranks, and Universal 61 = brakes. No chrome on frame. Neither does it have any tubing = identification or model indicators. So, I don't think it's a boat = anchor, but neither is it in the "mojo" category, but I don't know. = Would like to know.


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Hey Steve, Torpado lover Mark Agree here! Italvega was made by Torp, so I have acquired a bit of data on them. What do you want to know? There are at least two other people on the list that can = potentially be helpful. One has posted in the last few days on the = subject of Italvega, Mark Ritz. He used to work for Ben Lawee, the = mastermind behind the Italvega project. You can get his email via = checking the CR archives, as well as the emails of other knowledgeable = people, if you search under Italvega, I'm sure. Looking forward to hearing from you...

Ciao, Mark Agree Southfield MI

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Is anyone able to direct me to information to identify my Italvega = road =3D bicycle.

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