[CR]Huret wing nuts

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From: "Chris Ioakimedes" <chriseye@comcast.net>
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Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 15:32:39 -0700
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Subject: [CR]Huret wing nuts

Hello everyone, I tried searching the archives first but found nothing. When were Huret wing nuts first available? I know they were still available in the early 70s. I have a Huret catalog which is undated. It features Allvit (second generation), Tour De France, and Monobloc rear derailleurs. Does anyone know what year this catalog would be? My geuss is early 60s. It has the wingnuts in it. When did the Jubilee and the Svelto come out? I found this page, but wakarimase joto


chris ioakimedes
Fairfax Ca.