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Subject: Re: [CR]FRAME Fitting Stereotypes
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 05:00:37 +0000

Actually, I would wager that statistically it is safe to make the generalization. Of course, there are numerous exceptions. I suspect the reason any builder offering frames with shorter top tubes tends to see a lot of males needing short top tube bikes is that the males who don't need short top tubes are not so likely to be knocking on their door; they may simply purchase a more typical production frame without the short top tube option.

In statistical lingo, there is a sample selection bias.

Mike "crunching housing data statistics" Kone in Boulder Colorado
> Bob,
> I would be careful about making generalizations about fit in women vs. men.
> When I was making my LS series frames, they were built every inch of top
> tube height and starting at 31 inches of stand over height, they were
> available with two lengths of top tubes. I built many of the shorter top
> tube models and also the bikes at 30 inches and below of stand over height
> for men as well as women.
> The only thing that is important is that a rider gets a bike that fits their
> anatomy. I would suggest that you take a look at Personal Accufit. Starting
> at $29.95 for 2 riders, Personal Accufit computer models the riders
> anatomical measurements to arrive at the correct fit. It also contains bike
> setup calculations that will allow you to input the dimensions of a bike
> that you are considering and find out if it can be adjusted to fit.
> You can get more information at my web site.
> Happy hunting.
> Bill Boston
> Raining in Wilmington, DE
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> > My daughter has expressed some interest in something CLASSIC
> > LIGHTWEIGHT ,,how do you size a bike for someone who is long of leg and
> > arm but short in body.Looks to me like she could straddle a 53/52 but a
> > 53CM top tube would be a stretch.
> > Hints and tips appreciated,I am thinking a 51CM with more
> > post showing and a longer stem or a 53 or so with shorter
> >
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