Re: [CR]brit bikes dominate? Oh, please...

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Subject: Re: [CR]brit bikes dominate? Oh, please...
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 19:43:10 -0400

Earlier today I figured I would glance at the Italian bikes featured out there on the only lasted about 10 minutes...not for lack of...I just fell asleep! Yawn....

Walter "troll" Skrzypek

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Subject: [CR]brit bikes dominate? Oh, please...

> some wise-guy wrote:
> "But that's ok any event showcasing the best bicycles will always be =
> dominated by British ones Goes without saying"
> Rick Gaytan
> Riding the CR "opinion rollercoaster" yet again in San Diego, CA
> ****
> I'm not sure who wrote that...but I'll take the troll, and happily.
> I'm going to assume that this is an amusing joke.
> Brit bikes the best? Please. That *is* a joke.
> There are lots of them, but that's about all you can say.
> Charles "I admire some brit bikes, but I admire more bikes guys
> actually rode to Masis, colnagos, Pogliagis, and
> DeRosas; can someone tell me the last time someone rode
> a Raleigh International or Pro to victory in any major professional
> race? The odd Hetchins, sure...but most other brit bikes? Not many"

> Fastcal