Re: [CR]Seeking Information on Wheel Building

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From: "John Pergolizzi" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Seeking Information on Wheel Building
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 23:12:44 -0400

Richard Cielic wrote: "I have need of building a set of wheels. Can anyone suggest sources of good, practical, how to including: selecting pattern per hole count; accounting for OLN; determining offset; determining spoke lenght; setting tension; etc..? No, do not have a built set of wheels to serve as model."

Richard, Get ahold of a copy of Eugene Sloan's "Complete Book of Bicycling". I used the instructions in the second edition back when I was 16 to build my first set of wheels. Instructions are clear enough. The Jobst Brant book would be nice to have in front of you also. Both can be found with some searching on e-bay or begging the group. Most questions will be addressed in those books. After that, vig (bribe with a good Belgian beer) some good ex-mechanic (hint, hint, hint) in attendance at The Cirque and he will gladly answer all questions.

John T.Pergolizzi
San Diego, Ca.