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<< I am working on a project recreating some older parts for a restoration (example: the medallions in the fork crown for the Gios Torino..I hit it dead on in stainless steel rather than plastic. >>

The bottom line seems to be that:

1.) They won't like it. 2.) Do it below their radar and do not make $ on it and you will get away with it.

Dale Brown Greensboro, NC


I read somewhere you can get around some of the copyright issues if, for example, these were sold to members of the CR List. By definition, that's not the general public but a private membership organisation. It's hair splitting and arcane so it must be legal! eBay etc. may be a bit more risky.

Those most organised of all cycle collectors, the Raleigh Chopper blokes, have gotten away with duplicating transfers (decals) for these machines including the Herons crest. Raleigh may have fired all of their workers but I am sure not their lawyers and no one seems to notice. Or care.

Good luck with your project... I reproduced Raleigh handlebar grips recently. The jury is out if this is going to be a success... never a question of making money just not losing it. Or being stuck with 100 pairs of rubber grips.

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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