Re: [CR]Cyclo Rear Der. - eBay - new record for brand name ?

Example: Production Builders:Peugeot:PX-10LE
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Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 07:38:25 -0800
From: "joel metz, ifbma/sfbma" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Cyclo Rear Der. - eBay - new record for brand name ?

yeah, but what they pay for one derailleur is NO indication of what the next derailleur of exactly the same specs will sell for.

last year i put up 2 cyclos - one 1930s, one 1940s - both with full cable sets and shifters - though neither was as cleaned up as this one - and both sold for their original listing price ($150 each) with no japanese bidders...

theres really no rhyme or reason to it - no pattern, no set of keywords thatll make any other item sell for such insane prices...

heck, for all we know, the next cycle randonneur 5v rear derailleur might sell for $50. it helps that this one was really nicely cleaned up, and that it was the alloy body one instead of steel, but ive seen those go for substantially less on ebay.

>O.K. , for those of you who need to buy a score-card , so you can
>keep up with the names of the players . . . .
>Probably the three most serious buyers , on eBay , who happen to
>be from Nippon ( Japan ) are :
>Most often if you see any two of those names in the bidding , the
>auction price is likely to become very serious .
>I do recall seeing the eBay name "evergreenhs2" , somewhere ,
>sometime before . But I don't recall seeing bidding like THIS
>And at the last moment , both "bjdnet" & "sy-2000" went even higher !!
>And for those of you who have a fine old bicycle , with brazed-on
>fittings for one of these , AND also happen to have one of these
>still mounted onto your bicycle - this auction must make you
>smile !
>If you happen to NEED one of these , this auction may make you very sad .
>Your personal bidding experiences may vary from examples cited .
> :^)
> Raoul Delmare
> Marysville Kansas U.S.A.