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Subject: Re: [CR]so what is it? (NOT! Cinelli Super Corsa on Ebay)
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This reminds me of the sort of bikes Cardinelli (Is that spelled correctly?) made for others to sell under their own names (like Eurobike for a local shop chain around CT)in the '70's. Looks a little like an Atala,too. Kind of a neat bike; interesting head lugs, and it claims to be built of Falk tubing. The rear changer, a Velox (short cage version of a Gran Tourismo-sort of a super Valentino) is probably original to the bike.

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If you are just tuning in: item 3672375013 on that incredible electronic garage sale, EBAY...

If it's a Cinelli, I'm an Olympic athlete.

All of the seller's amazing claims aside - I love the hopeful line, "Buyer pays shipping, including packing ($40 at local bike shop), unless the auction ends over $1000, in which case I will pay shipping related charges."

What is it?

As a dedicated bottom feeder with a few interesting bicycles and a lot of mid level curiosities, this sort of thing appeals to me because its trying so hard to appear to be high end. It does have little hints of quality, Campagnolo drop outs, sew ups on some interesting rims, Universal 61 brakes (which, if original, date it in the 60s) so it's not entirely faking being a "nice" bicycle, just not very nice as indicated by the Grand Turismo rear derailleur (added in the 1970s?).

I'd never heard of "Di Campli" before. Anyone know who the importer was?

Back to messing around with the Schwinn. What were they thinking! 52 cm center to center seat tube - and 56 CM top tube!!?

Ann Phillips, Decatur GA cannot resist stray bicycles!

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