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Subject: Re: [CR]Raleigh Buying Up Their Betters
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 16:05:20 +0000

By 1958 T.I /B.C.C. owned:Aberdale,Armstrong,Dunelt,Hercules,James,Norman,Phillips Cycles,Sun,The Phillips moped,Norman moped,Bown moped,Brampton fittings,monitor brakes,J.A.Phillips(fitting)Resilion,Write saddle,a fleet of delivery trucks and at each of the factories a fully equipped surgery with staff and full time dental surgeon.T.I. had subsidiarys in India,South Africa,Republic of Ireland,Argentia,Australia,Canada,New Zeland,& southern Rhodesia.

Sam Lingo

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>Subject: Re: [CR]Raleigh Buying Up Their Betters
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>Subject: Re: [CR]Brit v Italian bikes
>Joe B-Z wrote:
>"But the most evil thing that Raleigh did was to buy up the better
>competition like BSA, first whore the name out in their own country, and
>then subject it to further groveling in India. I think you could still buy
>a BSA in India today."
>it wasn't evil if you were a shareholder!
>Actually this is often overstated methinks... Raleigh gobbling up everyone
>else to ensure primacy for their inferior product.
>In fact, Raleigh only bought up Humber (1933), Rudge-Whitworth (1944),
>Triumph (1954?) and finally BSA-Sunbeam-New Hudson in 1957. It looks like
>BSA did some of their own "gobbling" before that!! Ask Sunbeam enthusiasts!
>What gets confused so often is that Raleigh itself was bought out in 1961
>by Tube Investments which owned British Cycle Corp makers of Phillips,
>Hercules, Sun, and most of the other manufacturers except Dawes and
>Elswick-Hooper. TI were smart: they bought the company but they kept
>Raleigh's superior management and marketing, better known name and most
>importantly got their huge (really too big even by then) Nottingham plant.
>Of course BSA had an outstanding lightweight line... they were, I think,
>better regarded by clubmen than any of the big manufacturers. In their
>days, the Gold Vase and the Tour of Britain models were top of the heap for
>those who couldn't afford the fancy handbuilt jobs. BSA offered the more
>desirable (even then) Cyclo-Benelux gears where Raleigh remained devoted
>(too long) to Sturmey-Archer hubs gears since, of course, they owned them
>too. BSA are well known in the USA since they supplied most of the
>lightweight, racing and track bike fittings from the early 1930s onwards.
>After Raleigh got BSA, it all just fizzled out.
>And yes.. it WAS sad to see BSA and Sunbeam at the end, their once renowned
>names stuck on kiddie trikes and low-end juvenile bikes.
>Peter Kohler
>Washington DC USA
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