Re: [CR]Canadian Builders of note

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Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 12:08:42 -0400
From: Paul and Maureen Williams <>
To: classic rendezvous <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Canadian Builders of note
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I second the vote for Mike Barry's work.

Around here there was(is) Bertrand - don't know much about their history or product (any of the other Ottawa CR listers fill in the blanks?)

In my home town of Kingston, Ontario there is a chap by the name of Geoff Brooks (an ex-pat Brit) who apparently is still building frames - Brooks Custom Bicycles. I knew Geoff in the late-70s early-80s - he built frames for a few of the local junior racers in town and if I remember rightly was commissioned to build the pursuit bikes for either the 1980 or 1984 Canadian Olympic team. I vaguely remember seeing one of his road bikes - lugged steel and quite nicely done. Geoff painted one of my frames for me - working out of a small, cramped, basement shop - still does! Any of you other Canucks know of Geoff's work?

Paul Williams,
Ottawa, ON, Canada