RE: [CR]$1,500 for Ochsner frameset???

Example: Framebuilders:Brian Baylis
From: "Thomas R. Adams, Jr." <>
Subject: RE: [CR]$1,500 for Ochsner frameset???
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 20:32:44 +0000

Beware of potential confidence scams. If you pursue this, I expect you will recieve an offer for purchase at an exorbitant price, but payment will be made by cashiers check that may be a forgery. If they offer to send you additional money that you are to forward to another party via Western Union, run away. The trusting seller deposits the forged money order, withdraws his own $ to forward, sends the frame, and then two weeks later finds out the money order is bogus when the bank dings him. Several of us have gotten such scam offers from postings on the CR list.

It's not impossible that someone is dying for an Oschner and $ is no object, but insist on some sort of cash or equivalent transaction (wire transfer, postal money order or actual cash in hand) before shipping your property.

Tom Adams, Shrewsbury NJ

>From: "John Clay" <>
>Subject: [CR]$1,500 for Ochsner frameset???
>Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 20:07:21 +0000
>Hi Listmembers;
>Based on the responses I've gotten the Ochsner frameset doesn't seem
>to be exceptional. It's a nice frame, and no problem with that, but
>not exceptional. So, why would someone offer me $1,500 for it?
>I put it on the CR site for trade for something that would fit me
>and out of the blue I got an offer of $1,500. No reply to my
>response which was that I would consider it after looking into what
>it might be worth.
>The frame is signed though I can't quite make it out - the builders
>signature is worse than mine. Sticker says "Handmade in Switzerland"
>and it's of Colombus tubing - Zeta or something like that. The lugs
>are thinned, edges squared and nicly executed but .......
>I am puzzled. Any more ideas?
>John Clay
>Tallahassee, FL