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Subject: Re: [CR]An easy-to-use shimstock for bars and French frames &c
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 18:53:21 +0200

Harvey just outed himself ... only hillbillies drink canned beer.

Amir Avitzur in Ramat-Gan, Israel where you get a 25 agurot refund on bottles (and a much "cleaner" buzz)

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Subject: [CR]An easy-to-use shimstock for bars and French frames &c

> Like all but the purest of the pure, I occasionally wind up with an
> overpowering urge to use some 25.4 bars with a 26.0 stem, or find myself
> trying to hang a Cyclone front derailleur on a metric 531 downtube
> (Gitane TdF Pro). I used to regularly slice myself making and
> installing "Coors" shims: beer can stock. Now I've found a Better Way:
> PLASTIC. The plastic stock that was used for overhead projection slides
> ("viewgraphs," etc) is a nice thickness and often works well. Also
> found as report cover stock. Since it is clear, it is much less
> conspicuous than metal shims if you want to avoid nicking the handlebar
> by trimming (for example). Of course, we only do this for "riders," and
> we cinch things down right good, and we would never, ever, consider
> showing such a rank amateurish thing at Cirque, but it doesn't seem
> immoral and it has worked for years for me on one bike.
> Of course, your mileage may vary.


> harvey sachs

> mcLean va