Re: [CR] Palo Alto frame info sought

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Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 21:04:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: David Feldman <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Palo Alto frame info sought
To: Shannon Menkveld <>,
In-Reply-To: <>

Shannon, If it has the chrome parts and Columbus doves on it, it was an Italian made frame and not a Ritchey--I don't know which Italian factory. David FEldman Vancouver, WA

--- Shannon Menkveld wrote:

> Perhaps a Bay Area CR'er will have the solution to a

\r?\n> little mystery

\r?\n> that's come up at the shop.


\r?\n> We took in a bike for overhaul that no one knows

\r?\n> anything about. The

\r?\n> frame was built for Palo Alto Bicycles, sometime in

\r?\n> the early to mid

\r?\n> 1970's. Columbus tubing, the fork crown and seatstay

\r?\n> caps have the

\r?\n> Columbus dove stamped(?) into them, and the only

\r?\n> decals are the head

\r?\n> tube and downtube, both saying only "Palo Alto

\r?\n> Bicycles". The bike has

\r?\n> a full Nuovo Record group, with a "Pat. 72" rear

\r?\n> derailleur. I'm not

\r?\n> enough up on the variations in NR components to be

\r?\n> able to date the

\r?\n> bike that way.


\r?\n> Obviously, this was the Palo Alto shop's "house

\r?\n> brand" frameset, but

\r?\n> does anybody know who built them? It's a nice

\r?\n> looking frame, with a

\r?\n> now-faded-to-burnt-orange red metallic paint job, a

\r?\n> cream fills on the

\r?\n> cutouts in the lugs. It's also got a pretty cool BB

\r?\n> shell, with three

\r?\n> oval-ended slots cut into the bottom of it.


\r?\n> Anybody with info on this bike will be my official

\r?\n> hero for the week.


\r?\n> Shannon Menkveld

\r?\n> San Diego, CA