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Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 07:48:40 -0400
From: LouDeeter@aol.com
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Used Bike Buyers Guide--U & V

Below are excerpts from the Used Bike Buyers Guide for U & V. Lots of holes in the V listings, so hopefully someone can help me fill in the blanks. Please send additions or corrections to me. Thanks. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

UMBERTO DEI: Founded in 1896 in Milan, Italy.Bought out by Bianchi. Produced among the most admired bicycles in Italy prior to world war II.


UNIC SPORT: Belgium.

UNIKAP: Netherlands.

UNIVEGA: Lawee Inc, 3030 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach CA 90807. 310-426-0474. Made in Japan, Taiwan, and Italy. Usually have Shimano dropouts. Models: Super Special 82 Chromoly Super Strada 82-90 Tange Gran Premio 82-90 Tange Gran Rally 82-86 Chromoly Sport Tour 83 Chromoly Maxima Sport 85 Mangalloy Gran Sprint 86 Super Light 86 Aluminum Competitione 86 Chromoly Viva Sport 87 Chromoly Nuovotech 450 88 Chromoly Gran Record 90-92 Tange Gran Premio III 91 Tange Superstrada 92 Prestige Ultraleggara 92 Prestige Carbolite R7.2 93-94 Carbon Fiber Carbolite R7.4 93-94 Carbon Fiber Carbolite R7.6 93-94 Carbon Fiber Boralyn R 8.8 94 Boralyn Metal Matrix Boralite 94 Boralite Gran Rally 95-96 Carbon Fiber Pro Comp 95-96 Carbon Fiber Composite Boralite Road 95 Boralyn Metal Matrix Superstrada 95-97 Chromoly Sportour 95-96 Chromoly

URAGO-COURES: Nice, France. 50's to 70's. Known to have used Reynolds tubing.

VAGACINI: Belgium.



VALGAN: Known to have used Super Vitus 971.

VAN der ESTE, Marcel: Belgium. Built for Eddie Merckx

VAN HERWERDEN: Parkweg 75-79, 2271 AG Voorburg, Netherlands. 070-3876360

VANILLA: Portland, OR

VAN TUYL: Netherlands.

VELOCE: 3436 Lincoln Avenue, Allentown PA 18103. 215-432-7254. John Stinsmen, since 1971. Silver brazing. Reynolds tubing known to have been used.

VELO ETRURIA: Model: Italia 86 Falk tubing

VELO SCHAUFF: Germany. Founded in Cologne is 1935 by Hans Schauff. Now in Remagen. 12 Watergate Drive, Olnego IL 62450. Models: Taladega 88 Chromoly Laguna Seca 88 Chromoly Drakkar Noir


VELOX: Founded in 1894 in Milan, Italy. Also, a brand name of Drysdale from New York.

VENTANA: Gibson Design Corp. California. P.O. Box 39, 11355 B Pyrites Way #19, Rancho Cordova CA 95670. 916-631-0544. Models: El Martillo 94-95 Aluminum



VIA TECH: 602-730-4300.

VICINI: Cesena, Italy

VICIOUS: 111 Horsenden Rd, New Paltz 12561.

VICTOR: France. 531C and Valstar known to have been used.


VIKING: Londonderry, North Ireland. Closed.

VILLEMUS, L: France. Touring models. 1930s.



VINER: http://www.viner.it Via Gora e Barbatole, 276 \u2013 51110 Pistoia Italy 011-39-0573-477222. Columbus SL known to have been used. Imported by Gus Betat until mid-80s. Models: Professional

VIRGINIA: Modena, Italy

VISCOUNT: England. Started by Lambert, later owned by Yamaha. Now closed.


VISTA: Service Cycle Supply Co, 75 Modular Avenue, Commack NY 11725. Mad by Columbia in U.S. and Japan. Model: Elite 82 Araya steel Carrera 7 84 Chromoly

VITALI: Italian. Connected with La Bicicleta, see Cramerotti.

VITA SPRINT: France. Owned by Motobecane.

VITTORIO, A.A.: 538 Wood Avenue, Woonsocket RI 02895. 401-765-3275.

VITTORIO: Netherlands. W.M.Dudokweg 13 1703 DA Heerhugowaard, North Holland, Netherlands. First built in 1947. Frank Groot is the current proprietor, having followed his father and grandfather in the business.

VITUS: France. Ochsner International, 4341 West Peterson, Chicago IL 60646. 800-621-5129. Security Bicycle, 32 Intersection Street, Hempstead NY 11551. 516-485-6100. Euro-Asia Imports, 3935 Foothill Blvd, Suite A, La Crescenta CA 91214. 818-248-1814. St. Etienne, France. Bonded aluminum and carbon fiber. Standard diameter. Bador aluminum. English threads. Frame size stamped on head tube. Models: Cilo 86 Aluminum 979 86-91 Aluminum Plus 7 Carbone 86 Carbon Fiber Carbon/Kevlar 3 88 3 Tubes Carbon Carbon/Kevlar 9 88 9 Tubes Carbon Composite Composite ZX-1 90 Carbon Kevlar One-Piece 787 Futural 90-94 Aluminum 992 92-95 OS Aluminum Passion Aluminum 94 Aluminum Passion Composite 94 Composite 797 94 Aluminum