Re: [CR]Needed Simplex Super LJ (?) front deraileur or similar

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Subject: Re: [CR]Needed Simplex Super LJ (?) front deraileur or similar
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 22:29:02 -0500

The Huret FD usually matched with Duopar for some reason seems much rarer than the Duopar RD. Haven't tried a Campy 980 on a triple, but it does seem to handle wider ratios than the NR FD. Simplex made an alloy FD specifically for triples. Actually several. The number of Simplex models with only small differences between them in that era is absolutely bewildering, One often sees any Simplex alloy derailleur from the mid 70's to the mid 80's referred to as SLJ or Super LJ, LJ being the initials of Simplex legend Lucien Juy. Properly speaking, I think the SLJ's were only the very top models, but there were other triple alloy Simplex FD's of essentially identical design. I have two which I think are SLJ's in use with triples, and I doubt that any FD will shift a triple any better, particularly when paired with Simplex retrofriction shifters.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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> The Huret Duo-par (or whatever that front der. was called) would work and
> also the Campagnolo 980.
> Joe Bender-Zanoni
> Great Notch, NJ
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> Subject: [CR]Needed Simplex Super LJ (?) front deraileur or similar
> > Greetings list, I'm hunting for a front der. that will handle a triple
> 50/40/30 front ring but with the flat outside cage that provides sufficient
> clearance on the large ring for a flat TA crankarm. There may be a choice of
> ders. that would work, but I'm not sure what they would be. And I think I'm
> asking for the right Simplex der., but not absolutely positive. Any help or
> suggestions would be appreciated; it's needed for a June 5 ride. It's likely
> to get heavy use so good to excellent condition preferred.
> >
> > Mike Dayton
> > Raleigh, NC
> > (proud owner of the Triplets of Belleville DVD)